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16 Sided 15" Deer Hide Thunderbird Shaman Drum With Beater

16 Sided 15" Deer Hide Thunderbird Shaman Drum With Beater

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15" 16 sided cedar frame drum, with deer hide head and beater.  Hand stretched, laced, and painted.   The Thunderbird is a mythical creature primarily associated with Indigenous cultures in North America, particularly among the tribes of the Pacific Northwest. While it's a prominent figure in these cultures, thunder deities or creatures can be found in various forms in other cultures around the world. For example, in Norse mythology, there's the thunder god Thor, who wields a mighty hammer. In Greek mythology, Zeus is associated with thunder and lightning. These examples demonstrate that the concept of a thunder deity or creature is not unique to a single culture but takes on different forms in various mythologies worldwide.   The sunwheel, featured in the center, is a symbol found worldwide with little variation, displaying the interconnected nature of humanity since our inception.

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