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Customizable Sound Bear Skin & Deer Antler Shaman Rattle

Customizable Sound Bear Skin & Deer Antler Shaman Rattle

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I've thought on this for quite some time and offer the concept in my rattle building workshops but before the final tie is made joining the head and body. This one goes a bit further in allowing the sound to be changed and changed again with different filler, customize or personalized to your liking, wants and needs. Different materials and their amounts offer different sounds and tone, glass bead, wood bead, cracked corn, beans and so on each have their own unique spirit and voice. This style allows for you to choose and change as you please. I'll be putting this one up at later today, Elk hide rattle head and Whitetail antler handle, with a sample starter pack of Mung Bean, Buckwheat, and Coffee bean as pictured.

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