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"Dog Shaman" Dream Rattle | Coyote Fur | Elk Hide | Deer Bone

"Dog Shaman" Dream Rattle | Coyote Fur | Elk Hide | Deer Bone

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"Dog Shaman"

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 This rattle came about in an attempt to give some life to a recent dream. A village experiencing a drought and food running low, a stay dog appeared. The villagers continuesly ran it off, chased it away for fear the dog would eat the little food they had left. It found some peace and rest by a farmer just outside of the village, he could see the dog was hungry. He had only a small piece of bread left, not enough to fill his own belly, he offered the meager scrap to the dog. 

 The dog sniffed at the bread turned away and trotted off into the farmers barren field. The farmer watched as the dog stopped in the distance and began to dig, the dog then pulled a magical bow from the earth, fired an arrow into the sky, bursting the clouds and rain began to fall on the farmers field.

 I've done this piece with Elk Rawhide, Deer bone cork/handle, Buckwheat, sinew and Coyote fur, named 'Dog Shaman'. One side is left blank, one side painted with the Dog Shaman of the dream. 

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