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Engraved Glass Wood & Iron Rune Lantern

Engraved Glass Wood & Iron Rune Lantern

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Rustic indoor/outdoor lantern, with three sides of glass engraved with runes, door glass is left transparent and can be removed.  Lantern can be used with an up to 3" wide pillar candle.  Iron top with vents.  Flame is protected from wind and will stay lit while being carried.  Use anywhere you'd burn a candle, tabletop or hanging from a hook. To keep pillar candle in place you may lightly melt the bottom and stick it to the metal base surface of the lantern. 

Some common sense notes:

Be careful especially if using with glass jar candles that the lantern cannot be bumped or swung by wind as the impact from a heavy glass jar candle sliding into the walls can break the glass in the lantern. Do not leave any flame unattended anywhere.  The top can become hot (fire + metal = hot) so handle with care after burning for a while. The candle can be blown out through the vents without opening the door. 

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