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Large Finnish Reindeer Hide | Imported From Sápmi Lapland

Large Finnish Reindeer Hide | Imported From Sápmi Lapland

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Soft, warm, natural reindeer hides, raised by Sámi reindeer herders in Finland, personally imported under appropriate US Fish and Wildlife permit regulations. 

Choose from lighter or darker overall coloration (the main difference will be along the outside of the hide) or see options for specific hides that have more unique colors and characteristics.  Each hide measures right around 48 inches long and 30 inches wide unless otherwise specified in variations.  Suitable for use in crafting or as a beautiful addition to your home as is.  These hides are durable and expertly tanned. Creases in hair made during shipping will naturally disappear shortly after being unpacked. We personally use these while camping due to their amazing warmth.  

In the year 98, Roman historian Tacitus writes about "strange people in Thule (Latin for the far north) who wear fur clothes, hunt reindeer and travel with skis". These people carry on their traditional lifestyle today, passing down knowledge from generation to generation as they have done for thousands of years. Reindeer herding remains the exclusive domain of Sámi in Finland.  



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