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In Depth Rune Reading Delivered Within 24hrs

In Depth Rune Reading Delivered Within 24hrs

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With over a decade of focused and dedicated rune study, I enjoy working in this form of the oracle as much today as I did on day one. Each casting is an opportunity to unravel a bit of mystery not only in the runes but in pieces of one's self as well. In 2020 I published "Runamal", a guide to interpreting the runes for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Over the years I've enjoyed talking on and about the runes in public speaking events, and am sought after to provide readings to my peers.
The runes I cast have been personally and meticulously handcrafted by myself under meditated guidance. These runes are made from hand cut elk bone. I have been named Shaman by my community, recognized and honored by my folk in this position. I take my time and apply great care to your reading, but will also work quickly to provide the insight you seek.

Please send me one question only, such as a request where you explain a situation to gain insight as to how you can proceed. I can also do a blind reading (please still message me that you'd like a blind reading so I know not to await a question) where you don't ask anything specific, I just cast the runes for you and tell you some interpretations. You can be as specific or as vague as you are comfortable with. I will do your reading without judgment.
Your three rune reading will be typed out similar to the example above and emailed to you or messaged to you per your preference. There is nothing shipped as a result of purchasing this listing.
While I pride myself on effectiveness, I ask that you do your own due diligence and ultimately any decisions you make as a result of this reading are your responsibility and you are acting of your own free will.

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