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Raven Story Rattle Crow Feather Holly Branch

Raven Story Rattle Crow Feather Holly Branch

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Deer rawhide rattle, filled with buckwheat, on a holly branch handle. European crow feather decoration. Hand painted raven face. 1Approx 18".

In the heart of the forest, a majestic raven perched atop a holly tree, surveying the world below. The tree's prickly leaves made it an ideal spot for the raven to rest and observe.

One day, a curious crow flew by and perched on a nearby branch. The raven eyed the crow warily, unsure if the newcomer posed a threat. But the crow only cawed a friendly greeting.

"Hello there, Raven. What brings you to this holly tree?"

"I come here to observe the forest," replied the raven, his sharp eyes darting around the trees.

The crow nodded in understanding. "Ah, I see. I like to observe, too. But I prefer the birch trees myself."

The two birds sat in comfortable silence, each lost in their own thoughts.

As the sun began to set, the crow bid the raven farewell and took off towards the west. The raven settled in for the night, feeling content and grateful for the unexpected companionship.

And the holly tree, standing tall and proud, watched over them both, a silent witness to the beauty of the forest.

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